Career Profile

Creative and critical thinking, manager, strategist, paid media planner, and web developer.

Recently took time off to learn Javascript, Google Scripts, HTML, & CSS to maximize digital advertising capabilities. New skills ensure optimization of cross-platform conversion tracking, PPC ad campaigns, landing pages, microsites, and web app design to ensure exceeded KPIs for all clients.

Creates high-performing data-driven media plans reaching voters and communities across the U.S. to increase voter turnout using persuasion and direct response campaigns. Specializes in updating the agency's paid media mix to include new and powerful digital advertising tools—writes and reports on emerging digital trends and how to fill media gaps in the changing digital landscape. Full-stack marketer— fills in cracks between partners, internal & external clients, the creative team, and ad ops. Manages, trains, and builds up the ad ops team to increase their analytical and digital skills.

Has 5+ years of experience across paid digital that includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Snapchat Ads, Reddit Ads, Spotify Ads, Megaphone, DataXu, OneView (DMP, PMP, DMP), The Trade Desk, DV360, Double Click, Liveramp, WordPress, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, and more. Proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere.


Team Management

  • Designed and implemented a robust but straightforward QA method for all ad buys, bringing errors to near zero.
  • Created a robust dashboard system to track the pacing and performance of all ad campaign metrics onto a single unified dashboard, saving 10+ hours per week on reporting.
  • Worked to build a positive culture through digital and in-person communication.
  • Mentored in real time & promoted inclusivity via cross-department skills shares.
  • Helped the team navigate demanding timelines through thoughtful task delegation via Asana and Slack.
  • Developed & facilitated professional development goals that furthered agency digital competency.
  • Trained ad ops and peers on the latest paid digital ad platforms as adopted.

Paid Media Strategy

  • Created 100+ digital strategy plans and briefs for clients that met and exceeded projected KPIs.
  • Worked with over 20 clients and internal partners to determine the best strategy to meet goals.
  • Pioneered buys on previously unused platforms such as Reddit, Spotify, Megaphone, and GSTV.
  • Vetted over 10 DSP and DMPs to determine the best match for agency and client needs.
  • Used cross-platform dashboard data to identify strengths and weaknesses, leading to a cross-client CPA cost reduction of over 150%
  • Established Google Tag Manager standards for pixel deployment on internal and client websites.

Paid Media Planning

  • Designed, launched, and oversaw 100+ media plans for internal and external clients.
  • Pivoted 12 media plans in real-time when Google, Spotify, and Twitter updated political ad policies mid-campaign without negatively impacting the client's KPIs.
  • Layered media mix across digital touch-points to ensure that KPIs exceed client expectations.
  • Used Google Analytics, custom events, & UTMs as a meter-stick on all buys to validate in-platform reporting.

Ad Operations

  • Designed structured single variable A/B testing method for creative and copy increase ROAS by 200%.
  • Loaded over 10,000+ ad versions across digital self-service ad platforms.
  • Placed over 50+ pixels from self-service ad platforms. Created and QA'd custom conversions, events, and audiences.